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Never Too Old

Never Too Old

This holiday season has been a time for serious reflection and in times of struggle, we tend to re-evaluate our lives.  Thinking about our life and the day-to-day activities, I started thinking that something has got to give.  As I’m running around the house doing laundry, dishes, cooking and blogging, I noticed that LB has been spending too much time plopped down in front of the TV.  A couple weeks ago, out of the blue I found an interesting article…it was an interview with one of the Braun Brothers, (4 musician brothers in two different bands – Mickey and the Motorcars and Reckless Kelly) who were raised in a rural area in the mountains of Idaho.  In the interview, it mentioned that the fourth generation musicians had no television, so they entertained themselves by playing the guitar, singing and playing other instruments.  It really stuck with me and I couldn’t shake the feeling that the time we spend in front of the TV could be spent being more productive.

I started thinking back to after college when I lived with no TV for several years and was able to learn and try new things, it finally led me to the decision that we are getting rid of our DirectTV…Today. {eek!}  As much as we try to read books, draw and color, or have LB help me with chores during the day, I do rely on the TV to help me “just get a few things done quickly” while LB is entranced in Mickey Mouse, Little Einsteins or other tv shows.  Since we live in a rural area where we don’t get many regular channels via antenna, and because we are on satellite internet (with a data limit) we are unable to get Netflix, Hulu, etc. (as many people have suggested).  It is going to be a big adjustment in our home, BUT, at the same time, I am truly excited about this change!

Fender Affinity Strat
Fender Affinity Strat

The other thing that I’ve been thinking about lately is how I want to be a better role-model for LB.  As a stay-at-home parent, I often find myself thinking that I’m not enough for my child…I’m not out there financially supporting our family, and when I try to work from home, I feel I’m not giving him the education and attention he would receive at a structured preschool/daycare.  As I’m trying to remind myself that I am enough as a parent, I want him to know that the most important things you can be in life is happy, and a good person.  In addition, I want him to know you are never to old to learn something new and if you work hard enough, anything is achievable.  Two positive things that every child should know and believe in.  Still, I’ve been feeling that just telling him these things isn’t enough, I want to show him, to be the example of these truths.  My husband is an amazing singer and guitar player (he says I’m biased, but I know I’m right!), and although I took piano lessons for 9 years, I wished I would’ve spent the time to learn the guitar as well.  For Christmas, my husband mentioned getting me a guitar, my own guitar that fits my hands and I can learn to play, and someday pass on to LB.  Wow!  I hadn’t thought about getting a guitar since I was in high school, but the idea got me excited!


Some things are fate, they just fall into place at the right time, better than we could ever plan them ourselves.  This was one of those things…I wasn’t intending on buying a guitar or canceling our TV service, but both of them came about at the same time and when I was feeling like we needed a change.  Yesterday when my husband came home from work and walked in the door holding this beautiful guitar, I knew this was my chance to change, to learn and grow, and to be the example for my LB that I have been seeking.  It was a great reminder to not lose faith and to be thankful for the love and opportunities surrounding me.  And even though the hard part is just beginning (actually learning to play the guitar), I don’t think I’m going to stop smiling til next December!!

Lessons with Mama
Lessons with Mama

After a little research, I’m starting guitar lessons with a free (or subscription) app called “Yousician” and I will keep you posted of my progress and {MAYBE} even a video if I get brave enough 🙂  As Miranda Lambert says, “Music is Medicine!” and this has been the best medicine for my heart during this wonderful (and stressful) holiday season!!


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