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Project of the Week: Picture Frame Makeovers

Project of the Week: Picture Frame Makeovers

My first “Project of the Week” post is a super easy one…Picture frame makeovers. For this project, you’ll need a can of spray paint and some old picture frames. I found these rather large picture frames (23″x27″ and 27″x31″) at an auction and paid $5 for both of them (and probably could have gotten a dozen others for $1 each). Auctions are my favorite place to find fun projects and deals on things to repurpose. And because they are so cheap, I don’t feel as bad when I don’t get to some of them (I had a great toy box for the kids that I was working on when our basement flooded and it was completely ruined).

Picture Frame Makeover Supplies
Picture Frame Makeover Supplies

The other thing I absolutely love it Rustoleum universal Metallic spray paint. It is my go-to spray paint for most of my projects. It sprays evenly and has a beautiful finish and comes in so many different color options. I love the satin nickel and my latest favorite is a Champagne Mist (which is a light, modern gold color). For these picture frames, I chose the champagne mist color.

Champagne Mist Rustoleum
Champagne Mist Rustoleum

I’m going to use these adorable picture frames for hanging photos of Evie for her first birthday party. As I mentioned earlier, her party “theme” is ombre pink and gold. I’m still trying to decide how I’m going to hang or display these picture frames, but it might require a little help from the hubs to build a stand for them (wall space is pretty limited).

When it comes to spray painting, I wear a mask to avoid excess inhalation and try to exercise patience, so I don’t get runs or uneveness on my projects. We are really humid here in Iowa so there are many days when I don’t even attempt to spray paint a project for fear of runs and that it will get tacky and have an uneven finish. The curing time can get really long during the hot, humid days of our midwest Summer.

Sometimes I find myself laughing at how much of our house is covered in spray paint…ceiling fans, vent covers, vases, recessed light covers, decorative trays, picture frames, napkin holders, bathroom ceiling fan covers, wooden shelves, kids folding chairs, a hanging toy basket, our front door, etc. Anything that is too hard to paint with a brush, but is salvageable I found spray paint can bring it back to life (or rather up-to-date). Its a cheaper solution and like I mentioned earlier, there are SO MANY color options and finishes that it’s hard not to try them all out!

Here are a few photos of things I have used spray paint on. I hope you enjoy and if you have questions or comments, I’d love to hear them!

Xoxo, Erin

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