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Rainy Days…

Rainy Days…

I’ve been a little quiet on the blog lately, but offline could be busier! I don’t know how the pro-bloggers do it?! How can you possibly get so many things done in the real world, and still have time to talk about it online…without fifteen extra hands?! The two possibilities I can think of are: learn to delegate and to stop being a perfectionist. And trust me, I’m working on both of those things! (Slowly)

It’s a rainy August day here, which is a bit unseasonal, and I’m slowing down a little to reflect on all the things we have going on right now. First, we have 3 busy, fun-filled weekends ahead of us celebrating birthdays, both young and old, and a wedding. Then when we get home from the 3rd weekend away in a row (pray for us that the kids don’t completely breakdown!), we will be celebrating Evie Mae’s 1st birthday! [sobbing]

I’m prepping for the party a little earlier than I normally would by planning out the food and some decor. So far, I’m thinking a light lunch of home-made soups – tomato basil bisque, chicken noodle and broccoli cheese, with garlic bread and of course, cake and ice cream. The theme is well…pink (is that an actual theme?) and gold accents. And then I’m just praying for nice weather, so the kids can play outside and we can sit on the deck!

In addition to all of that, we’ve had house projects going on like crazy. New countertops, sink and backsplash in the kitchen will be wrapping up soon, and I will be sharing that on the blog very soon! As well as a front door project, landscaping projects, a new quilt pattern, and several quilts that I will be sharing with you as well! With all of those things, I’ve been thinking of starting a “Project of the Week” section. They will be brief posts with a new project…all of which can be completed in a week or weekend. Let me know if you are interested or what you would like to see more of and I will include as much of it as possible!

Have a great week and keep checking for new inspiration and ideas!

Xoxo, Erin


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