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Real vs. Highlight Reel

Real vs. Highlight Reel

While it’s no surprise that what we see on social media is not always a true reflection of a person’s happiness or reality, it’s easy to forget just what is real life vs staged reality. In order to remind ourselves (me especially) of this, I’ll fill you in on our real lives lately vs. the “internet reel” version of our lives.

From an outsiders perspective (A.K.A. the internet or social media view), it’s been relatively uneventful since I took a “break” from here. My Instagram is pretty boring with a few pictures of LB and an occasional picture of our beautiful Iowa scenery. No elaborate traveling happening and no glamorous food pics. The reality? Well, it’s been anything but boring around here. Although there wasn’t any elaborate traveling (besides a wonderful trip to visit my brother in Seattle back in January) and no five star food pictures, a lot has been happening in our real world. First, we are expecting baby #2, a GIRL, in September. It’s been a rough pregnancy filled with extra nausea and fatigue and a few bumps along the way, including an ER visit, ambulance ride and MRI that almost led to an emergency appendectomy. Whew! Then there’s phase #2 of our house renovation… don’t ask me why it always happens when I’m pregnant and under a tight time constraint, but that’s just how it happens around here. We are finishing our living room closet, moving our bedroom door entrance and removing our bedroom closet, working on the master bathroom, scraping the ceilings and replacing the carpet in our living room. Just a couple things! 😉

Besides that, we had a late spring that jumped right into summer, and the hubs was busy planting in the fields as well as our garden. I love to spend time and weed the garden, but my lack of energy lately has put him in charge of maintaining our garden this year.

We celebrated our 4th anniversary with a lovely night out with friends and of course, I forgot to snap a single picture of us all dressed up! As parents, we realized one again that we have absolutely no idea what we’re doing (no surprise here!), as we have struggled for the last two months to get LB to sleep through the nights. It has turned our house into the home of zombies during the day.

That’s most of our “real life” and I will continue to share updates and projects (as they are finished) with you more regularly. The stress and excitement levels are running high around here right now, and we try to take time to enjoy this beautiful summer season and this season in our lives. Talking with a sweet and beautiful friend, and mom of 3, I realized that parenting is messy and chaotic sometimes, and yet still beautiful and amazing. One day, or week, you just want to cry and run away, and the next, you realize how hard your children are trying to learn everything from you and do everything you do (even if they aren’t quite ready). The little “I love you’s” and in our house “I’m so glad you’re here, Mommy” (not sure where that one came from) make everything worth it!

I guess that’s the difference between the ‘real’ and the ‘highlight reel’….the little moments that happen when we set our phones or camera down. The moments when our hands are too full to snap a photo (let’s be honest who wants to see that anyway), when we don’t want our picture taken because we haven’t taken a shower or don’t have makeup on…when the kids are running around in a diaper or better yet, nothing. Yep, those are the moments that make life beautiful, but never make our Instagram feed or Facebook photo albums. Just remember that everyone cries when no one is around, calls their mom (or wishes they could) when they hit rock bottom, and is fighting some battle we can’t see. And we can’t judge the value of our own lives based on anyone else’s social media highlight reel!

Hoping you all have a wonderful day!



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