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Taking Advantage of Positive

Taking Advantage of Positive

A long time ago, when I was traveling a lot more, I realized that although places can be so different, people are always people, and when you live in a place long enough, it just seems normal. No matter how cool the place is that you live, it can be easy to take it for granted. OR, you can choose to look for the beauty and ‘awesome’ in each new day and take advantage of the positive things wherever you are.

When I was living in Colorado, I loved to go hiking.  There were so many amazing places to explore in and around the mountains. In South Dakota, I lived by the river, and would enjoy fishing, boating or simply walking along the river-front frequently.  When living in the city, I loved trying new restaurants and foods, grilling out with friends, live music, and checking out local breweries.  However, when I moved back to the farm, I felt a little lost. I had been used to urban dwelling for so long, I forgot how many wonderful things there are to enjoy around the farm. Even though I grew up on a farm and felt comfortable here, it was an entirely new experience for me, learning how to live the “farm life” again.

As you may have noticed from my previous posts, we have a garden this year and it is doing great! However, what you don’t know is that this is the third year I’ve ‘tried’ gardening. The first year I was pregnant and quite nauseous and tired, so it grew up in weeds before the plants had sprouted. Last year, I had a 4-7 month old that I wasn’t comfortable with having outside for very long periods of time, and therefore we had a huge potato crop (thanks to my husband), but that was pretty much it. This year, I knew I wanted to try to take advantage of our farm life and put the effort into having a nice garden. The things I learned were: 1. having a garden is a lot of work, 2. BUT it’s also a stress reliever and can be relaxing, 3. teaching our LB (little bear) about gardening is so much fun, 4. I don’t have to buy fresh vegetables! LB is learning his colors by picking only the red tomatoes (sometimes!), he copies mom and tries to pull the weeds, and it has been a wonderful experience for both of us.

We take daily rides on the four-wheeler around the farm. Again, it was easy to stay couped up inside and stare at any one of our unfinished remodeling projects, but we had the most beautiful weather this summer and it was refreshing to get outside and walk around, pick up rocks with LB, or take a four-wheeler ride around the fields.

I started baking again. Living in a home with so much family history, I started channeling my love for baking with recipes that my grandmas, mom or my husband’s family would make.  I made my first pie from scratch and even entered a pie baking contest! Learning new ways of doing things, and practicing my baking technique is so satisfying and so much fun. Not to mention, the house smells delicious when baking.  A few things I’ve done this year that were completely new to me were canning tomatoes and salsa, freezing fresh peaches, sweet corn, and tomato bisque, and I’m currently working on making a family recipe of pickles. Knowing I’m baking things my mom, MIL, and grandma made when they were my age living on the farm, is both inspiring and fulfilling.

Before this year, I spent too much time missing being in the city, not realizing how many amazing things are right outside my front door.  So, instead of focusing on what we were missing out on (from our previous “city-life”), it was vital for me to start focusing on the blessings we have here and to start taking advantage of our new farm-life.  Believe me, I know that sometimes it’s hard to change a way of thinking, but it can be so rewarding to let go of any hard feelings (especially if a move wasn’t on our own terms) and soak up the beauty and opportunities of living in a new place.

And here’s a few inspirational thoughts to leave you with…

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